Thursday, October 4, 2007


I think the history of language and use of words is fascinating. How we can communicate through symbols and etches (well keyboards and computers now)- it is an amazing feat. To be able to transfer complex ideas and concepts from individual to another through words - what a wonderful thing. My personal interests would include Japanese kanji, Arabic calligraphy, Mayan glyphs and Tibetan script. I can admire them for their purpose and practicality but also appreciate the simple beauty present.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


I simply love doing the sudoku puzzles and find they can be both relaxing as well as offering stimulation for the brain. My goal has been to work on a few of the puzzles each day. I try to do one or two at lunch - just helps to get my brain moving some days.

The library has gotten a few good books on sudoku and there are lots of free webpages to explore too. I am quite proud of myself that I can do the "medium" level puzzles without too much trouble but still crumble with the "hard" levels. I will get there in time. They are fun to work on -- check out some nice webpages - just print off your puzzle and get your brain working.


Thursday, September 27, 2007

Online library learning

I found a very nice resource for online learning for librarians and library staff. The site is called LibraryU. LibraryU webpage

It is created with the efforts of the Illinois Library Systems and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. I incorporated an online learning initiative as a part of my FY08 PERS and have found this resource to be very beneficial. A series of instructional lessons are offered on a variety of library-based topics and most lessons take 45 minutes or so to complete. As you go through - you answer a small number of review questions and upon successful completion of the course then you can print a certificate to verify completion.

The program is free and even tracks the courses you have registered for as well as completed. I hope to explore additional online learning options soon too. It is hard to beat the convenience of this option and some are quite good.

Monday, September 17, 2007


I completed the "23 Things" project and enjoyed the learning path it involved. My goal was to do one or two things each week but to not rush the process - to explore while learning. The one insight that has truly stayed with me is that it is possible to find time to learn new skills each week - even each day if we are lucky. To be excited about work and find creative sparks through networks such as blogs.

In talking with Maurice the other week - I realized that I felt the project was finished but I came to understand this was incorrect and very limiting for me to think this way. So, I will work at continuing to post thoughts and observations with a focus towards my work and ongoing personal learning in libraries.

The MP3 player is very nice and I hope to use it soon with daily walks. A nice incentive to finish but I would have enjoyed the program without it - but - I am grateful for receiving such a nice gift. Maybe the posts will be read - maybe not - but I want to take time to learn, explore, share and have a dialogue. I am happy to begin once again.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Thoughts on 23 Things

Looks as though this journey has ended but I do plan to continue to explore many of the resources presented in this program. So - in many ways I am thinking of this project as a beginning. I am interested and do deeply wish to pursue lifelong learning in all things. All the better if these things can benefit me professionally. I think this project has motivated me to do something new or work at learning something new each week. If we break things down into small pieces then they become manageable.

No comments to improve the program because I found the presentation to be great. I liked that the focus was on a few items each week and there were many resources to support the discovery exercises. I would be very interested in participating in any future programs of this type. Overall - I enjoyed all of the "things" and would not have a particular favorite. Each one was something of an exploration for me and gave me the support to pursue them in more detail in the future. The strongest benefit of the project for me was the measured presentation of the tasks and the support to make them achievable for all staff - regardless of our level of tech experience.

Thanks - I had a great time and enjoyed the experience.

Week 9: Podcasts, Video & Downloadable Audio

I have become very familiar with YouTube over the last 6 months or so and just love it. I have learned small things as I used this site and one (for me at least) is to ignore the comments posted below the video content. A majority, not all but many, of them are incoherent rambles and I really use this resource for video content. Wonderful for music performances and to find things thought lost. Can be a lot of fun and even informational. I choose to post a video that was made to honor one of my favorite artists - William Ackerman - really liked the collection of images and the nice cover version of his song. One final comment about YouTube is that it has opened up a venue for people to express creativity which can be a wonderful thing.

Podcasts - Worked with Thing 21 and found the links posted on the Discovery Exercises to be helpful. I did subscribe to several podcasts to my Bloglines account and have enjoyed that feature. Some of the podcasts were radio-based and some TV-based but I would miss them or forget the times they ran. So this is nice to have them sent to me to listen to at anytime or to search the archives. I really am interested to see how these applications can utilized professionally by libraries especially from a training perspective. We could train with librarians throughout the country at our own desk and also share so many resources to better our profession.

Familiar with the resources of NetLibrary and Project Gutenburg because we use them frequently assisting patrons at work. A solid resource and nice to have access to these remotely for our patrons.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Week 8: Online Application & Tools

I created my Zoho account today and have begun to explore all of the services offered on the site. It looks really cool and I love that it is all free and offers the chance to break Microsoft's stranglehold on applications. I think the online planning tools will be something I will find useful. Anyone who knows me then knows that I simply love to make lists. So the idea of having an online resource that I can post ideas & lists that I can access anywhere is wonderful news to me.

The thing I really like too is that the documents are stored online so you do not have to carry portable storage devices or notes. Seems like a neat approach to working out ideas and having them being made accessible.

To work on Thing #19 - I selected the music site called "Pandora". It is interesting in that you can essentially create your own radio station to play music selections or genres of music that you like. Seems to be another example of how things are being increasingly more personalized and it is good too that the selections can be shared with others. To consider within a library environment - I guess we could refer patrons to the resource to look for music of their preference. So it would be beneficial from a recreational aspect. I have not explored the site deeply but if it offers very diverse selections then this could be helpful for students in a music course or with supporting library programming.